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About us

About us

Flores de Serrezuela S.A.S. is a Colombian family owned company, founded in 1985, that produces the highest quality fresh cut flowers in the world, and commercializes them directly in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. We have fifty four hectares under greenhouse, located along the Bogotá plateau, where carnations, spray carnations and roses are grown using the best quality plant materials coming from prominent breeders across the world.

Our superior fresh cut flower production is the result of very strict quality controls, the outstanding technical and professional level of our people and the adherence to the best agricultural practices for sustainable crops with dignified and fair human resource management. We actively invest in promoting and supporting programs that improve our workers well-being, including initiatives such as  education, health and recreation.

About us

We have developed solid relationships with our clients and suppliers through reliable and responsible commercial policies oriented towards customer satisfaction. In order to guarantee the most environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes, we apply different practices such as techniques that reduce the use of chemicals through integrated pest management, rain recycling to conserve water, use of drip-irrigation to minimize run-off and evaporation, disposal and proper use of organic matter through composting, and landscaping of native trees and shrubs around the farm to reduce the visual impact of greenhouses and other structures and buildings

About us


Flores de Serrezuela S.A.S. is a colombian company dedicated to produce and commercialize top quality fresh cut flowers and supply them to importers, wholesalers and retailers across the world, offering them personalized service, and striving to meet their needs and requirements.


Flores de Serrezuela S.A.S. will be one of the most reputable companies in the global floriculture sector, and will increase its market share in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, through the positioning of its own brands, offering high quality products aiming to guarantee the well being of its employees and increase the value of the company to its shareholders.


  • Produce top quality flowers while taking care of the environment and the community's health.
  • To meet our customers satisfaction by fulfilling their needs and requirements to maintain a long lasting and solid business relationship.
  • To contribute with the well being of our employees and the community through socially responsible practices.
  • To abide to all federal legal requirements through the correct fiscal contribution.
  • To promote Colombia´s image by offering high quality products, and having socially responsible and honest practices.
Mission, vision and corporate values